Benefits and Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefits and Risks of Knee Replacement Surgery January 4, 2018Leave a comment

Benefits and risks of knee replacement surgery

Once the pain in your knee gets worse and traditional forms of treatment have failed in to provide the desired results, then knee surgery works out to be the best solution. It is not a decision to be made in a light manner as the impact of it is going to stay for the rest of your life. You would need to face restricted mobility, encountering some form of pain and rehabilitation after the course of a surgery. Like with any form of surgery it is suggested that you weigh in the pros along with cons as well.

There are main reasons for a knee replacement surgery and the first one has to be pain relief. During this surgery, a surgeon goes on to remove the damaged surfaces and then replaces them with  metal or plastic implants. It tends to get rid of the pain and the damaged bone or cartilage is no longer there. This is followed by the reason on how the functioning of your joint improves. The results here to be less predictable. Once a knee is being put in, people can move in an easy manner. Some may be able to indulge in sports or rigourous physical activites. But there is no guarantee in this regard.


When it comes to knee replacement surgeries it does pose the same risk as traditional surgeries. This could be in the form of blood clots or infections. Ther risk is bound to increase if you have a history of heart problems, diabetes or a weak immune system. Here the ability of the body to fight against germs is eradicated. In most cases the surgeons tend to prescrible antibiotics along with blood thinners to prevent any form of infections.

Another major risk that could be posed is that you may not find the new joint to work in the same manner as you expected. Patients who do not recover well are not going to get the same levels of mobility. To ensure that the best results are obtained from a knee replacement surgery, make it a point that a proper rehabilitation of exercise coupled with diet is being followed.

It is on the rarer side, the chances of your implant becoming loose or dislocated may also arise as well. Another interesting point to consider is that the knee replacement could wear down after 20 years. Then another form fo surgery might be needed down the road as well.

Why India?

Knee replacement  India cost, is one of the cost effective options without compromising on the quality of treatment. Medical tourism in the country has really boomed and this can be figured out by the number of companies making their presence felt in this domain. The government has extended all possible help to this sector as it happens to be one of the major money spinners. So next time knee surgery cost in India works out to be viable option if you are looking at replacing the damaged area of your knees.

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