How To Check Train Availability And Book Rail Tickets Effortlessly

How To Check Train Availability And Book Rail Tickets Effortlessly January 9, 2018Leave a comment

In India, Railway is the most dependable medium of transport. Whether you are traveling to a local or far away place, train is unquestionably a reliable intermediate. I’m not saying that you can’t trust Flights, Buses or Cars. But when a sudden natural disaster breaks in, like excess rain or flood, the transports mentioned above partially become incapable. Though trains’regular schedule get affected too, that is only momentary. Most of thetimes, train is the first medium of transport that gets back into action, after a huge natural calamity. Also, how many of us can actually afford a flight ticket or a long car drive anyway? Train tickets are the cheapest,and in most of the cases, train rides are quite comfortable as well. In our country, more than 13000 trains run on adaily basis (both local and express trains), where more than 20 million customers travel every day.

So, it is quite clear now, I guess, that trains have a significant role to play in our country.It is also evident that, as therailway is an important medium of communication, there is always a huge hype regarding the booking of train tickets between two stations.And, I’m actually here to help you with it. I’ll let you know about two apps, namely NTES and IRCTC, to make your experience of ticket booking smoother.


NTES is the abbreviation for National Train Enquiry System. Itis Indian Railway’s official app for ticket booking. This app offers you some otherfeatures, like-spotting your train, that means checking if your train is running on time or running late; checking the correct train timings, viewing the canceled or rescheduled trains, etc. This app has a simple user interface which can be operated with ease.


IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. IRCTC has brought in a revolution in Indian railway sector by enabling e-ticketing mode. Not only that, but IRCTC also helps you in planning your complete trip. You can book flight tickets from here as well. The three main services that IRCTC offer, are- e-ticketing, tatkal scheme, and tourism.


facility lets you book tickets online, either by phone or by your PC. As soon as your ticket is booked, you’ll get a confirmation message on your phone right away. You can check your PNR status, seat numbers, order your meal as well from this website.

Tatkal scheme, lets you book tickets just 24 hours before your journey. This scheme is fundamentally for emergency purpose, and by launching this scheme in the online mode, IRCTC has helped many passengers with urgent traveling requirements.


feature of IRCTC offers you great traveling deals and tour packages at an affordable price.

Now that you have developed a primary idea regarding online ticket booking, you must also know the detailed process of online ticket booking. To know about that, visit our website and give the whole process a read.

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