How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success

How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success May 14, 2018Leave a comment

How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success

Personality plays an important part in the success of an individual and if you want to go ahead in your life, it is important that you should have a clear understanding about the positive and negative aspects of your personality. This will allow you to gain information on how to utilise them for better results in your professional as well as personal life. Here we will give you some of the advantages that you will get through DiSC goal setting. While these points are helpful, it is important that you work on all the points given below to get the maximum advantage.

1). The first thing that you need to ask yourself is what do you want? If you are of Dominant personality type you will find this task a bit tedious as you are always on the lookout for new challenges and are not that great for long-term planning. Therefore, you have to use your will power to take some time to get the big picture which will allow you to set your goals.

2). The second part is to look for what are the things that will help you achieve that aim. If you have the Conscientiousness personality trait, then DiSC goal setting becomes a bit easy for you. You can accurately outline all the elements that you will require in pursuit of your goal. For others, you have to spend some time and gather as much information as you can to make your progress towards your goal easier.

3). In the third step you have to be clear in your mind why do you want to reach that goal. Here if you have a good idea about your personality then you will be able to deduce what are those things that will excite you. Like if you have a Dominance personality trait, then you will get easily bored with a thing, whereas if you have steadiness as your prime trait, then you will love the things already are. Therefore, you have to understand how that goal will gel well with your thinking and satisfy you.

4). You also have to plan a time frame for achieving that goal. You can divide the goals into smaller parts so that you can get a bearing on whether you are going the right path or not.

5). Figure out all the steps that you have to take to reach that goal and what kind of help you will need to realise your dream.

If you have a Dominance personality, then while perusing all these steps make sure to break the long-term goal into short-term ones to keep up your interest in what you are trying to achieve.

 If you have the Influence personality, then sharing your goals with your close friends will give you a boost you need. They can give you the encouragement beside you can bounce your ideas with them to understand how good your plan is.

If you have steadiness as your personality trait, then get a goal buddy who will encourage you to get to your goal.

If Conscientiousness is your primary trait, then make use of graphs and trend lines to track your performance.

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