Feel the Chill: Top 5 Must-Experience Attractions of Chile

Feel the Chill: Top 5 Must-Experience Attractions of Chile May 11, 2018Leave a comment

Chile is a country in South America that features a narrow and long territory in the south-west of Southern America, between the Western Pacific ocean and eastern Andes Mountains. It is the world’s longest country that highlights an area of approximately 756,000 thousand km2 occupied by a population of Spanish-speaking nationals.

Chilean extreme regions from chilling ice fields to flowering deserts offer the best tourist destinations. Its diverse geographic areas managed Chile to draw a massive number of tourists primarily from America and Europe to its attractive sceneries. Here is a glimpse of top Chile attractions that you should consider visiting.

The City of Santiago

Santiago is Chile’s capital and a cosmopolitan city with plenty of shopping restaurants, bars, and hotels, from small craft fairs and boutiques to large shopping malls. More so, there are cultural destinations such as theaters, art galleries, museums, ballet, opera, plus parks, tree-lined streets, lively nightlife, and unique neighborhoods.

Cordillera Paine Mountains

As the summer is swiftly approaching in the extreme south of Chile, the count of outdoor ventures increases, especially those places near the polar regions.

The ice-hiking experience offers breathtaking views of Glacier Grey of Torres del Paine National Park located in Chile’s extreme south. Above all, the adventure lets you appreciate the greatness of this massive slab of ice that takes a character of the Southern Ice Field.

The Cactus Valley

Another magnificent landscape which offers a trek through Guatín, or the Cardones Ravine that spreads out onto the region where the Puritama and Purifica rivers meet.

As its name suggests, the abundance of cacti fills its land, most are believed to be 100 years old and measure approximately seven meters high. Also, among the most exciting places to tour at this valley is the Guatín Canyon, which is an area where sources of water descend which make up for a diverse variety of cactus.

Sensational Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine of southern Patagonia is a sanctuary for adventure seekers who want to climb, hike, and kayak through the stunning glacier lakes and snow-tipped mountains of Chile. This place is one of the few regions on Earth that remains mostly wild.

You don’t have to be an extreme adventurer to appreciate Torres del Paine as the tour includes light day walks including the famous W route that can take more than five days to finish.

Baffling Rapa Nui

Easter Island or Rapa Nui located in the southeast part of Pacific Ocean is the remote island off the coast and falls under the territory of Chile.

Rapa Nui is known for 887 large, mysterious statues of “moai” from the people of Polynesia that occupied the island long ago. The island features two volcanic craters and excellent beaches that offers a great surfing and scuba diving experience, making this place one of the best tourist stops of Chile.


Chile is a land of attractions. From its capital city Santiago, to the cactus-filled region of Cardones Ravine, and the tip of Patagonia, this country signifies a wide variety of attractions. In fact, you can reach this place through Deal Wiki and other travel sites online. So brace yourself and embark on an amazing Chilean escapade.

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