Home Pregnancy Tests and all You Need to Know

Home Pregnancy Tests and all You Need to Know January 12, 2018Leave a comment

Home Pregnancy Tests and all You Need to Know

Nowadays you can almost do most of the things on your known and the other word used for it id DIY (Do it yourself). To know if you are pregnant or not, you can do some simple pregnancy test at your home itself. There are many companies which offer various pregnancy test kits, but at the same time, they are costly and not available to some of the areas also. Adding to that, there are also some situations, where one cannot go to the pharmacy store to get a pregnancy test kit. In such situations, these homely options can be much useful. They are easy to carry out the tests and also reliable enough for the results. But before that, you need to be aware of the early signs of pregnancy. They are:

  • The most common sign of pregnancy is when you miss your monthly Often you might get late periods, but if you do not get it for two to three weeks, then this can be a sign. Especially after unprotected sex or perhaps a failure in the contraception.
  • The second sign is morning sickness or nausea. It can be accompanied by vomit or otherwise. You might also feel sleepy or tired all the time.
  • The third sign of pregnancy is swollen breasts which can pain and seem tender, sensitive and full. This is because of the change in the hormones in your body.
  • The fourth sign is constant or very frequent urination. You will feel the need to urinate more frequently than you normally do.
  • Another important but a rather good sign of pregnancy is food craving. This is when you feel the urge to have any certain or particular kind of food to change any kind of difference in your taste buds. A backache and swollen feet are also considered as animportant symptom of pregnancy.

Reasons for doing home pregnancy tests:

There are many reasons why one might opt for home pregnancy test then going to a pharmacy or a doctor. Nowadays, home test kits are available at affordable prices but here are some reasons why you might want to do it yourself at home:

  • Even though the test kit is available at an affordable price, it might be costly for you in case you have to do it again and again. For this going for the homemade option is better since this involves things which are found easily at your home.
  • In case you have to maintain secrecy or you are underage and cannot go to a pharmacy or to a doctor to get a test done, then the homemade test is the best option for you.
  • In case you live somewhere where making a doctor appointment or going to a pharmacy is not an easy job then you can use the things available near your hand.

Though these reasons hold true, once your test is positive, make sure that you consult a doctor to check that your baby is safe and healthy.


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